1. Our Portfolio
worknow is a nationwide personnel service provider. We are known for providing tailored and reliable staffing solutions in the business fields of temporary employment, recruitment, high professionals, engineering, technical services, and outsourcing. We are a strong partner for a multitude of companies.
For temporary employment, we apply the BAP collective agreement.

2. Fair Competition
Due to our position in the market and in society, we are aware of our responsibility towards business partners, employees, the environment, and our own corporate group. We view fair behavior and contributions to sustainability as our duty. Therefore, we have established this code of conduct, along with internal requirements and principles to guide our business actions.
We believe that setting minimum requirements for everyday processes and the way we engage and select business and service partners will help distinguish us through our corporate philosophy and strengthen our reputation as a sustainable and responsible corporate group.
We treat each other with partnership and respect in every relationship, especially in competition. Our goal is to promote social and sustainable engagement and thereby make social, economic, and ecological contributions.

3. Compliance with Laws
We require all our contract partners to adhere to all applicable laws and relevant legal regulations in the Federal Republic of Germany.

4. Child Labor
We expect that underage employees do not fall below the minimum age required by law, but in any case, they must be at least 15 years old. Furthermore, processes preventing the hiring of employees below the legal minimum age should be in place.

5. Diversity & Inclusion
Equality of opportunity and equal rights are our primary goals in our daily activities. We can only be successful economically if we recognize and leverage existing diversity. This applies both to diversity within our corporate group and the diverse needs of our business partners.
We do not tolerate exclusion, differentiation, discrimination, or favoritism based on gender, nationality, caste, skin color, religion/beliefs, political opinion/views, marital status, sexual orientation, social background, physical or mental disability, membership in labor organizations/union affiliation, etc. The dignity, personal rights, and privacy of each individual are always paramount.

6. Working Conditions
It must be ensured that every employee is employed voluntarily, and a respectful approach, excluding any verbal, physical, or psychological coercion/harassment or violence of any kind, is guaranteed. Forced and compulsory labor will not be tolerated. The applicable and mandatory legal requirements, conditions, and requirements regarding working hours must be strictly adhered to.

7. Compensation
Our business partners are obliged to ensure compliance with the applicable legal and industry-standard minimum wage when compensating their employees, thus ensuring proper and adequate remuneration.

8. Health & Safety
We place particular emphasis on compliance with occupational health and safety measures and precautionary measures to ensure a safe working environment that is not hazardous to health, thereby avoiding accidents, potential health damage, work-related illnesses, or any health hazards. We expect our business partners to establish an occupational health and safety management system (comparable to certifications such as SCC, SCP, ISO 45001, etc.) and be willing to implement systems that ensure the detection and prevention of potential hazards while expertly documenting employee training.

9. Data Protection & Confidentiality
Unless otherwise specified in the contract, all parties independently fulfill their data protection obligations under the GDPR and the BDSG when fulfilling their duties. This includes, in particular, the obligation to inform regarding the collection, processing, transmission, or use of data concerning affected groups such as employees, etc. Information that is not publicly known and is acquired during the business relationship must be treated confidentially, protected, and not disclosed.

10. Environmental Protection & Sustainability
Our goal is to act sustainably and environmentally consciously within our means. Minimum standards include complying with industry-standard and (inter)national laws, standards, and regulations, minimizing or avoiding the use of hazardous substances/materials, preventing environmental impacts, and preserving natural resources. This includes proper disposal and handling of hazardous substances, chemicals, etc. We continuously strive to make our daily activities more sustainable, for example, by sourcing our electricity from renewable energy and following the B.A.U.M code for sustainable business practices.

11. Bribery & Corruption / Gifts & Benefits
We do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery and expect the same from our business partners. This includes the avoidance of personal dependencies, obligations, or influences. Business contacts, processes, behaviors, etc., should always be fair, norm-based, and in compliance with anti-corruption and anti-bribery requirements. We commit ourselves and our business partners to comply with (inter)national applicable laws, prescribed regulations, and standards. We have designed our processes to generally disallow cash transactions. Cash gifts are never allowed. Gifts to officials and other public servants are also never allowed. "Bribe payments" (= facilitation payments) are categorically rejected and are not permissible.
Other gifts may not exceed a value of €60. Exceptions must be approved by the management or a person authorized by the management. The acceptance of gifts, goods, or services, reimbursements (except for regular business travel), and loans (except those at typical trade or consumer rates) as well as other benefits from a company, society, association, institution, or other business entity can lead to a conflict of interest. Conflict of interests can result in legal disadvantages and problems and should therefore be avoided as a general rule. However, there are business situations where conflicts of interest are not always avoidable. Therefore, potential or existing conflicts of interest must always be disclosed transparently and explicitly. Such conflicts can include the involvement of a related or closely related person within the management, the board, or the assumption of another significant role within a competing or partnering company.

12. Donations and Sponsorship
Our donation and sponsorship activities are voluntary and without the expectation of a return. We ensure transparency and adhere to applicable laws and regulations. We exclude donations to political parties/candidates or incumbents/public officials, etc.

13. Information & Supply Chain
As our contracting partner, you commit to informing your employees, business and contract partners, as well as subcontractors, etc., about this code of conduct, promoting compliance with its contents, and encouraging them to adhere to it.
Value based on income tax legal requirements for gifts on special personal occasions.

14. Monitoring / Violation / Complaint
We reserve the right to conduct a review of compliance with the above principles with appropriate notice. Violation of the principles of this code of conduct or failure to comply with it may, depending on the severity of the violation and possibly after a remediation period, lead to the termination of any existing contractual relationships and constitute a breach of contract.
Everyone is encouraged to report significant violations, illegal actions, etc., promptly.
We reserve the right to continuously optimize this code of conduct and appreciate your understanding.



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