Find Top-Quality Temporary Workers in a Flash - Flexibility is Our Forte!

temp staffing

 Are you currently facing a staffing shortage or suddenly in need of additional workforce? As one of the leading staffing solutions providers, we have the answer to your pressing issues: our lightning-fast and flexible employee leasing service. We excel at finding the perfect candidates for you. How does it work? We search for availability, make a pre-selection, and introduce you to skilled temporary workers in no time. Do they fit your requirements? Then they can hit the ground running at your company. Intrigued? Contact us today, and we'll tailor an individual offer for you. Find the ideal temporary workers with worknow in the blink of an eye!


temp staffing offers advantages for your business:


It minimizes your business risks, whether you're dealing with short-term shortages or sudden demands for additional staff. And the best part? Temporary workers bring fresh ideas and flexibility to your organization. Convinced? Let's team up at worknow to find your new employees.

 **Recruitment:** Finding new employees who perfectly fit your company can be time-consuming. We understand the importance of searching for personality traits, not just skills.

**Pre-Selection:** We conduct interviews with all suitable candidates and get to know them virtually. The most promising ones are invited for face-to-face interviews. If that's not feasible, we hold virtual job interviews through various channels.

 **Selection:** Our recruiters respond swiftly and present you only with the best talents. Once we've found the perfect match, your new employees can start right away. Often, everything is sorted out as soon as the next day. We'll find the best candidates for you in record time.


**Payrolling:** Save time and money by outsourcing your employees' payroll to Worknow Payroll. We handle all administrative tasks related to the employment relationship.

 **Pool Management:** We find the perfect match for you. Your new employees start right away, and everything continues as usual. But we go even further! We care about the well-being of our candidates, whether it's their birthday, work anniversary, or just because - WE CARE!

 **Training:** "Hire for attitude, train for skills." We not only find candidates with the right company culture fit for your business but also support you beyond that. We can develop customized training programs that perfectly match your company and the specific position. From e-learning to on-the-job training and even trainee programs - everything is possible with us. Just reach out to us to learn more about our trainee programs.

Worknow is here to assist you. With our flexible scheduling tool, our in-house team can create personalized work schedules that align with your needs and the availability of our students. It's particularly ideal for covering weekends and off-peak hours!


we specialize in matching candidates with expertise in the following areas:


Process Engineer
System administrator 
System administrator
IT Consultant
Web Development
Big Data
Data Science
Business Intelligence


Sales/Internal Sales
Sales field service
Specialists in technical sales
Customer Service 
Sales Manager
Account Manager
Key Account Manager
Business Development 
Sales Manager


Procurement Manager
Category Manager
Sourcing Specialist
Office Manager
Administrative Assistent
Facility Manager 
Project Administrator

Hospitality & Event

Service specialists
Service assistants
Fair hostesses
Banquet staff
Bar staff