Our success is a reflection of yours.

empowering  employers

At worknow, our success is a reflection of yours. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure you have everything you need to make the most out of our services. Whether it's temporary staffing, payrolling, or temp-to-perm, we've got you covered. Let us take the reins and help you navigate the world of employment - You'll see the difference working with us can make!


temporary  employment

In the case of temporary employment, a staffing agency leases employees to the customer for a limited period. The temporary employee then has a corresponding employment contract with the staffing agency.

The triangle of temporary employment

The temporary worker has a fixed employment contract with worknow, but performs his work for a third company.

This company integrates the temporary worker into its operations and pays an hourly fee to worknow for the temporary worker's services. 

worknow is the employer of the temporary worker with all associated rights and obligations. We are responsible for all statutory costs such as social security, health insurance, insurances, sick leave and paid time off. 


streamline  your staffing: the advantages of partnering with worknow

  • Rapid recruitment and hiring processes for all staffing needs

  • Handles all contractual processes for employees

  • Option to convert Temp-Staffers to Full-Time Employees

  • Boutique feel agency

  • Recruits for EU and non-EU citizens

  • Provides assistance in visa and work permit (EU Blue Card) applications

  • Highly satisfied employees due to timely payments

  • Highly competitive rates

  • Nation-wide network of recruiters



Let us help streamline your hiring process. If you've already identified the ideal candidates but budget constraints or lengthy onboarding processes are a concern, we can help. Our payrolling service allows you to hire candidates that you've recruited on your own, and we take care of all the administrative tasks, including contract creation, registration in social security and health insurance systems, and proper tax registration. This will allow you to focus on growing your business.

worknow benefits of payrolling:

  • Absolute cost transparency through exact calculation of the costs incurred
  • Cost-effective monthly flat rates for budget predictability
  • Reduce payroll expenses through cost-effective solutions
  • Material costs instead of personnel costs in case of hiring freeze
  • Worknow bears employee risk and administrative expenses
  • Efficient contract creation and candidate hiring – fill open positions within a day

EOR: Employer of Record

With our EOR solution, foreign companies can hire employees in Germany without the need for a local branch. Our streamlined hiring process and onboarding are quick, easy, and 100% compliant with legal regulations. This means that companies can save time and money while adhering to all the necessary requirements related to payroll and social security contributions. Importantly, worknow has obtained the necessary permission from the Federal Employment Agency to offer these employment relationships, ensuring complete legality and peace of mind for our clients.


simplify your hiring - worknow headhunting.

recruitment agency

Are you facing a time-sensitive staffing need? Whether you're looking to bridge a bottleneck or fill a long-term position, worknow can help you find the right employees. We offer both temporary staffing and direct placement options to suit your specific needs. Simply submit your request and our team in your area will reach out to you promptly to discuss the next steps. Let worknow take the hassle out of finding top talent for your business.

mutual success for employer and employee

temp to perm

Unlock the secret to building the perfect team! The ultimate employee not only meets the job qualifications, but seamlessly blends in with your existing team. With Temp to Perm, you and your candidates have the opportunity to get to know each other before committing to a permanent employment relationship. Say goodbye to bad hires and hello to a dynamic, productive team!


Hire Skilled Talent Through Our Full-time, Placement-Focused Temp Employment Program

  • A unique blend of temporary and permanent employment
  • Mutual benefits for both employer and employee
  • Potential for conversion to a full-time, direct hire contract
  • Flexibility and opportunities for growth
  • A solution that caters to the dynamic needs of the modern workforce

Upgrade Your Team for Success - Transition to Permanent Employment

  • Conversion option to full-time position available based on mutual interest and performance

  • Introductory phase of three to twelve months

  • Conversion fee for client waived after ten months at the latest

  • Flexible solution that adapts to the needs of both employer and employee

EOR employer of record: hiring from abroad in germany with worknow

  • Fast and uncomplicated hiring of employees from abroad
  • EOR solutions take over administrative tasks such as payroll and tax accounting
  • Focus on your core business while worknow EOR takes care of managing your employees abroad
  • Minimization of the risk of penalties and fines by complying with local labor laws and tax regulations
  • Avoidance of costs for setting up a subsidiary or establishing a local legal structure
  • worknow´s EOR model can also be a temporary solution
  • worknow has all the necessary permits in Germany
  • personal contact in a boutique-feel agency
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